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Stitching and Stationery

No matter what age we are, there will always be an excitement that comes with getting the mail from an actual mailbox. With communication methods, such as email, social media, and text messaging so accessible these days, we sometimes forget the magic of a personalized note. The introduction of our Stitching & Stationery 1, 2, 3 Special Edition is the perfect opportunity for you send your love through the art of embroidery.
Create unique and beautiful stationery items for your friends and family at any time of the year!
Expressing a sentiment through embroidery has never been as easier than it is with this collection! Stitching & Stationery 1, 2, 3 includes 3 stationery projects to give you every opportunity to say it with stitches. Using our modular greetings and alphabet, you can personalize your greeting cards and pair them with a matching envelope. We have also included embroidery designs for other stationery items, such as gift boxes and even place cards! These charming tokens of affection are perfect for any holiday or special moment in your life.
Stitching & Stationery 1, 2, 3 offers six different themes for you to celebrate with, including: new babies, birthdays, Christmas, elegant occasions, geometric every day, and weddings. This tutorial will provide you with everything you need to know in order to get started with your stationery projects. We promise these stationery designs are unlike anything you can purchase from a store. Reclaim the days of sending personalized messages and gifts with this fantastic collection!

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